The utmost factor that relates to motorcycling is safety. Nothing we can consider more than serious tragedy without wearing safety gears. Because by wearing shorts and t-shirts to do a riding at maximizing speed, some perspectives only with this imagination get clear the importance of safety gears and clothes. Even a single affected body area can expose the traumatic results to the whole body that is what directs to professional and unprofessional riders to cover the individual area.

We have featured a list of equipment to keep you safe from head to toe because there is nothing rather than that will secure you on two wheeler motorbikes.

Leather suites

motorcycle Leather suits


If you are new in the field and passionate enough to combat others first prove your security with a specially designed leather suit. Never skip the well-reputed manufacturers to grab the particular best-fit leather suit for 100% security.  Suit’s structure matters with verified stuff that lists from top quality processed leather to Cordura, stretched material to a genuine zipper and detachable armors to PU protectors. There is not only the matter of protection but also the comfort.

The amalgamation of thickness, quality leather, and stitching formation will provide the outright protection.  A good material and structure resist to the offensive crashes and abrasions. Motorcycle leather suits sale on riderboy own the aforementioned features that will last you with encapsulated safety. Those suits empowered with cowhide leather that processed for the exceptional tear resistant. To secure the each single sensitive area like shoulders, elbows, knees and spine reinforced with CE approved armors, knee sliders, and spine protector. All features include detachable characteristics.  The suit does not only navigate about the safety but unfolds the comfort layers through Cordura, accordion leather patches, and soft neoprene.


motorcycle leather jacket


Check the brand riderboy for jackets that are evaluated for the riding as a second optimal product after the leather suit.  It provides extras safety to the sensitive areas and looks cool as well. It maximizes the safety through the armors and provides ventilation for the summer. Upper body protection shoots up and forcefully repels the abrasions. For the riding purpose get your hands on the high-end textile jacket that features zippers so you can safe, fresh and cool throughout. Jackets, boots and motorcycle suits available on rider boy and features other safety gears as well.      


Motorcycle Helmets


A biker cannot safe enough without wearing the helmet. To be one of most safety gears it holds the significant importance as it intended to protect the brain portion primary. When individual face the incident due to falling down from bike, the head receives the injury first and that can be serious in nature because if we imagine someone is going at maximum speed without wearing the helmet then we can imagine an uncertain accident will bring a severe impact for him.

There are several types of helmets that only cover the 1/3 area that’s not enough for approximate safety. So always opt for the helmet which covers the head completely and does not rotate but it should be free of pressure points as well. For the well-versed safety, helmets are manufactured through the dense and multiple layers to reduce the serious impacts. Helmets provide the safety to your eyes as they feature the well-reputed shield that first goes through the testing.


motorcycle leather gloves


It’s imperative safety gear that cooperates to other credentials to keep the rider safe.  The human instinctive is, they give an utmost try with hands for getting safe.  In return, the hands first touch the severe crashes. For the hands, protection selects the specially manufactured gloves.  Because those are tailored for the “fashion and style” they do not accomplish safety target. A properly designed motorcycle gloves will minimize the abrasion impacts. For utter safety, they need to stay on your hands tightly and this becomes possible with retention straps. Don’t bother that wrapping will disturb to direct the handles.


motorcycle leather boots


Riders stop several times due to uneven and slippery surface that’s irritating. To end the irritation of a biker exceptional boots are available in the store. Boots are manufactured with outstanding material to provide the bomb-proof security.  For the safety, you have to need a boot that provides a firm grip and in the case of sliding down will protect you from maximizing crashes. 

All accessories have utmost importance for safety so never skip them from your list before going to start your riding. Explore the riderboy to check and grab the quality products that will never expose you tragedy with great amount of protection.